A specialist in marketing and e-commerce, Asad is an entrepreneur that forms part of our core team and oversees all aspects of the business, including content, branding, marketing and development.

Having achieved great success in recent years, including winning the worlds largest entrepreneurial competition held by Shopify.

Asad has also trained and received coaching from some of the world's leading business experts such as Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris.

About Raddal Agency

Raddal is an independent digital marketing & web design agency. Formed by a team of successful entrepreneurs with over 25 years experience. We wanted to replicate our skills and apply our knowledge to businesses that want a no-nonsense approach in the digital world. We know all about Shopify design to Google AdWords and Facebook marketing. We've bootstrapped our own startups and raised VC for our e-commerce businesses. We've won awards for some of our stores. We've managed some of the biggest revenue generating stores on Shopify.